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A Private Owners Guide to Bottling Fine Whisky

The majority of personal proprietors of whisky casks are looking for an assessment of their alternatives. The motive of this text is to help answer questions that non-public proprietors might also have about bottling their whisky casks.

Its continually advocated that non-public owners bottle at cask energy as this minimises the range of bottles that you get making it less expensive for bottling and requiring non alcoholic drinks much less garage area. The materials wanted for a single malt presentation consist of: tall spherical clean bottle, varnished wood topp stopper cork, gold colored pure tin capsule and simple white outer instances. For private proprietors the usage of a easy black and white label might be sufficient. On it might be your name, distillery from which the cask originated and the cask info consisting of date of fill, cask number, strength and so forth. If you propose to print your personal be aware that labels revealed on ink jet computer printers are probably to have the ink run if the whisky is spilled at the label. A shade laser printer is but a superb choice for short run label production.

The regular hogshead cask will yield round 280 bottles at a strength close to 60% alcohol. If you have been to bottle at 40% this would entail the addition of around a hundred and twenty litres of water and might require a further 171 bottles to incorporate the extended bulk quantity. It could also imply that the whisky would need to be kick back filtered to hold it is readability and brightness as the reduction in power reasons the whisky to end up cloudy. Chill filtration impairs the flavour of the whisky and is consequently averted through purveyors of best malt scotch and it’s far ordinary for such merchandise to be bottled at such high electricity, i.E. 46% or more.

There are alternatives for defraying or deferring a number of the fees worried:


Many humans form a syndicate with own family or friends. This reduces the cost burden however of course you get less of the whisky. This isn’t typically a hassle because it will take five years to get through one cask at a bottle consistent with week. A non-public syndicate who aren’t buying and promoting can be handled within the equal way as an person non-public owner and does not presently need to be registered with Customs & Excise.

Bonded Storage

The majority of the cost while bottling is incurred within the shape of duty and VAT which is likewise levied at the obligation. You can choose to keep your bottled whisky in a bonded warehouse. If you can find one locally, and they are satisfied to aid a personal owner, then you can save the whisky underneath bond and pay the obligation and VAT as and whilst you eliminate the goods to be used. You are likely to be charged pennies according to case per week for bonded but please do affirm this with your preferred warehouse in advance.

Kevan Jones is the Director of Craigton Packaging Ltd., they’re a small privately owned organization that specialises in very short run bottling operations. The majority of their paintings is unmarried cask bottling for exchange customers servicing the specialist malt whisky sector, despite the fact that in addition they deal with private proprietors and syndicates.