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Are all Humans Brothers and Sisters?

Oyasama shows us in the Ofudesaki, Every one of you all through the world are brothers and sisters. There should be nobody called an untouchable.


This section is simple and its importance ought to be obviously obvious to us all. You can read some quotes about brother and sister collected by

Nowadays we regularly hear individuals say: “The earth is one. People are brothers and sisters.” The world has seen huge scope demolition brought about by ongoing conflicts. Man-made fiascos and contamination are presently displayed to have worldwide impacts. Furthermore, normal assets are relied upon to be spent later on. Assuming individuals proceed with these showdowns and abuses on this little planet, we will ultimately be confronted with elimination. Hence, individuals are currently calling for collaboration, depicting all people as “brothers and sisters in a comparable situation.” However, since this thought of cooperating depends simply on our feelings of trepidation about the future, it doesn’t appear to be that it can make a solid and enduring effect on others, regardless of how great it sounds.

The educating “All individuals are brothers and sisters” depends on reality that God the Parent, the Parent in Truth, is an incredible wellspring and the foundation of the world. It lets us know that all individuals all through the world are brothers and sisters as the offspring of God the Parent. This educating was not given as a catalyst perspective to achieve the settlement, all things considered. It shows us reality the manner in which things truly are.

Subsequent to making people and the world, God the Parent furnished us with an assortment of lessons and headings as per the level of our profound development. Then, at that point, on October 26, 1838, God uncovered the last educating, or reality with regards to our Parent, which had never been discussed. We in this manner found out with regards to the wellspring of our life, the Parent in Truth who supports us the entire lives, and about the way that all individuals all through the world are the offspring of God the Parent.

Consequently, regardless of the amount we contrast from each other as far as, for example, ethnicity or social traditions, we are brothers and sisters nonetheless. For this reason we should help each other. We should cooperate to make the Joyous Life accessible to everybody.

To achieve this, let us start with our networks. How is it that we could understand the amazing ideal of the Joyous Life except if we are ready to work with individuals in our networks! Since we have discovered that all individuals are brothers and sisters, let us step up to the plate and coordinate as per this instructing. This is the manner by which we can get more individuals to relish the delight of living respectively as brothers and sisters.

(The above is an interpretation – first distributed in the October 1995 issue of TENRIKYO- – of an article excerpted from Omichi-no-kotoba by Yoshikazu Fukaya, distributed by Doyusha Publishing Company.)

Syrian researcher Dr Sheik Mohamed Rateb Al Nabulsi maintained the philanthropic standards of Prophet Muhammad (harmony arrive) in his talk ‘Helpful parts of Prophet Muhammad’s personality’ on Thursday night

The first in a rich social program of 22 talks, the talk was important for the Dubai International Holy Quran Award, eventeenth meeting at the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

“Islam manages man in an extensive manner, focusing on body, soul, mind and will without bias to any perspective.”

Al Nabulsi added that Islam set and safeguarded basic freedoms over 14 centuries prior. “Islam has avowed man’s freedoms throughout everyday life, pride, thinking, religion, schooling, learning, and security.”

Dr Nabulsi said certain individuals thought they had similar freedoms and obligations as every other person, while others accepted the inverse and held separating perspectives which prompted debates. “Prophet Muhammad trains his adherents to embrace just a single norm for all.” Humanity is one of the fundamental parts of Islam that has made an idealistic reality. “People are made from one dad and mother, Adam and Eve, as avowed by the prophet who said: ‘I give testimony all people are brothers and sisters regardless of their disparities’.”

Dr Nabulsi said philanthropic clique was improved with conviction. “To put stock in one God makes individuals closer and more appended than simply being equivalent as people.

“Prophet Muhammad has asserted that one’s confidence will stay fragmented or blemished except if we treat others how we like to (be dealt with) ourselves.”

The social program runs from July 10 to 27, with addresses starting at 10.30 pm consistently after the Taraweeh Prayer. The individuals who went to could be in line for important prizes.

The 11-classification grant, which is expected to serve the Holy Quran and advance the overall norm of the Quranic execution, is to see, as of July 17, 89 challengers of the more than 160 nations reached from across the world to take an interest in the opposition-held under the support of His Highness Shaikh Mohammed receptacle Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai.

MATTHEW 23:8-11 NLT 8 “Don’t allow anybody to call you ‘Rabbi,’ for you have just a single educator, and every one of you are equivalent as brothers and sisters. 9 And don’t address anybody here on earth as ‘Father,’ for just God in paradise is your otherworldly Father. 10 And don’t allow anybody to call you ‘Educator,’ for you have just a single instructor, the Messiah. 11 The best among you should be a worker.


These verses can appear to be bewildering. However they contain a few significant realities.

The first is that in the Kingdom of God we are on the whole kin – – all on a similar level.

(Jesus didn’t explicitly address orientation in this entry, however it fits in impeccably. Any endeavor to arrange ladies as mediocre or below average in any capacity conflicts with the soul of what Jesus said in this entry. Furthermore Galatians 3:28 unquestionably backs up this thought.)

Jesus isn’t letting us know it is off-base to recognize we have a natural parent called a dad. For the Bible advises us to respect our dad and mom. He should allude the custom of referring to somebody as “Father” as a term of extraordinary regard