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Benazir Bhutto, Pakistani democratic resistance leader, turned into assassinated on December 27, 2007. The results of this assassination could be far achieving. World leaders are very involved as Pakistan is one of the few nuclear powers in the international, present amidst a population that includes a completely gift radical Islam detail. The prospect of this united states of america slipping into both hardline fascist/military or radical Islam a hands could be very scary.

I expressed concern about this several months ago even as discussing Mars within the Nakshatra of Ardra. At the time I was commenting relative to the California wildfires. However, on the time I drew a bigger picture of this risky phase of the sky in courting to america activity in distinctive wars. This put up appeared on my weblog at weekly-horoscope.Net in a posting titles “California Fires and Ardra Nakshatra”

The opportunity of a cataclysmic, history visit making tragedy was alluded to in my weblog put up “Dangerous Week Ahead” on December sixteen, 2007.

At the time I stated:

With both Mercury and the Sun passing through this inclined point this night and into the next day on the equal time the possibility of unpredictable events is high. This may additionally show in accidents, crook conduct, suicides, sudden deaths on a personal stage.
Furthermore, I experience the actual possibility of some calamity inside the following few days. Especially because it pertains to explosions – assassinations, terrorist type / War-like activities. This is because of several elements.”

At the time I thought that numerous planets changing symptoms for the duration of that day and into early the next week would result in the tragedy. Yet, it took an extended. It took an absolute direct competition among Mars and Jupiter to trigger the cataclysmic occasions that changed into almost in reality indicated.

At the time I said those impacts were key:

1) Mars is retrograde inside the nakshatra of Ardra, a detrimental nakshatra dominated through Rahu and related to lord Siva, the destroyer. Ardra is one of the most
adverse nakshatras.

2) Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and the Western planetoid Pluto can be aspecting from Mula Nakshatra. Mula is ruled via Ketu and related to the vedic God Kali (called nirriti or “calamity” within the Rg Veda).

3) Adding to that is the extreme combustion of Jupiter, Mercury and Pluto. Combustion makes for a touchy “flash factor” kind mentality that lacks
patience and discrimination.

Aside from the precise opposition between Mars and Jupiter, the opposite main circumstance that added approximately this occasion become Venus leaving her sign of Libra. While Venus became in Libra there was a variety of safety and care, even in the midst of ability chance — and there were several risky matters that took place ultimate week that did not take place. In precise, there had been important earthquakes remaining week, both measuring near seven on the Richter scale — yet no one changed into harm. Both passed off in faraway areas. One befell in Alaska and some other in New Zealand. Yet had they came about in populated areas there would had been huge death tolls. I’ve been watching earthquakes, hurricanes and different herbal phenomena for years now and I even have in no way seen two foremost earthquakes in the future after the next in definitely one-of-a-kind regions. I even have visible earthquakes with very large aftershocks the day after, however now not in two completely separate regions of the sector. With Venus in Libra there was safety.

Venus changed symptoms on Christmas day and we had been all greatly surprised by way of the surprising Tiger assault and dying of a younger man on the San Francisco zoo. Also, there has been a chief plane crash, I consider in Panama, on Christmas Day. Airplanes and motors are associated with Venus. Her transit from Libra into Scorpio has withdrawn the protection from tragedy and found out a very undiplomatic great in our private relations as nicely.

I made this YouTube video which indicates the precise planetary placements today in Pakistan.

As darkish as this could seem these days, given the nature of Jupiter in Sagittarius and his auspicious affect on this event, there’s hope. Mrs. Bhutto go become a champion of peace and democracy. Her willingness to pay the very best rate and make the deepest sacrifice for her humans will not be wasted. The cries of democracy and freedom are burning Bright in Pakistan as proven via the demonstrations in her honor. We must all pray that stability and a peaceful transition to a stable democracy occurs with as little bloodshed and struggling as possible. As become said, the stakes are too excessive on this part of the arena and therefore, for every body right here as properly.

Her lifestyles has already modified the debate. As a Muslim lady courageously status for her ideas she has inspired the arena. She has now come to be a martyr, a image. Her democratic message and sacrifice now transcends her lifestyles and private struggles. This iconic nice, nearly spiritual in nature, is proven by the presence of Jupiter. Given that Jupiter is robust and righteous on this function, in Sagittarius, we are able to predict a hopeful final results. Yet astrology is not fatalistic. It suggests how we can align our movements with God’s deeper cause. Astrology is creative and indicates the innovative possibility in any scenario. We have to insist in this united states as well on democratic reform and responsibility from each parties.