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Best on amazon HSI professional glider

I am a professional glider pilot for a major airline and I have been so impressed with the HSI Professional Glider. It is by far the best gliding accessory I have ever used! The glide ratio has increased tremendously since using this product. The customer service at J&M Aviation Products is also amazing, they are always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have about their products. They even offer live assistance on some of their more popular items like their HSI Professional Gliders! You can’t go wrong with this company or the quality of their services, it’s worth every penny. 

This blog post will be about my experience with the Hsi Professional Glider and how much it improved my work as an airline pilot.


What is a glider chair?

A pilot chair is a pilot that attaches to your regular office chair with an adjustable clamp system. A pilot chair usually has a metal yoke for your hands and most come with either 2 or 4 pulleys. These are attached parallel to the floor so parallel to each other on your desk/workstation. As you pull on the yoke/pulleys, it moves your desk closer to you or further away. What is a professional glider?

A professional glider is a pilot that attaches to your regular office chair with a clamp system just like a regular pilot chair, but instead of the metal yoke for hand controls, there are nylon straps attached to the yoke. The parallel metal bars are replaced with nylon straps that attach to the top of your desk/workstation like a strap clamp system, but higher-end professional gliders do not need clamps because it is attached directly into the desk. It is designed for people who fly in and out of small airports or off-airport runways

How to choose the right one for you?

Most pilot chairs come with either 2 or 4 pulleys. You should choose a chair that has as many as possible to minimize the amount of strength you have to pull for your desk. The more pulleys, the stronger it is and therefore harder to pull with less arm strength. A professional glider will be able to move your desk/workstation closer to you or further away. It is recommended by J&M aviation to choose the professional glider over a pilot chair if your desk/workstation does not move or it moves very little because then you would waste money and get a lot less out of it and not be able to do as much work comfortably. Professional gliders also include seat belts to keep you in safely while adjusting your workstation.

Features of HSI Professional Gliders

Maximum strength chair gliding system

Two nylon straps for added strength and security

Weight limit of 300 pounds or less

Quiet, smooth motion with no metal-on-metal sounds

No tools are required to move the desk up or down. Simply apply pressure to clamp it in place

Extra-long, adjustable nylon strap handles give exceptional grip and comfort

Unique nylon strap design provides a quiet, smooth motion without metal-on-metal sounds and gives you control over the softness of the ‘catch’

Adjustable height to accommodate different work surfaces and chair heights. Push-button height adjustment handle with lock positions every inch.

Weight limit: 300 pounds or less

Pricing of HSI professional gliders

I have this exact chair and the price is probably the most affordable of comparable products. The quality that comes with it makes up for what you pay for it IMO. I recommend this product to everyone who flys in and out of small airports or off-airport runways.

1-year limited warranty on parts and labor

Chair glider

– $140  + $5.99 s&h

Seat belt kit (2 units) and chair glider

– $160  + $7.64 s&h

Pro’s: Affordable, adjustable, back support pillow included, sturdy base, made for tall people

Cons: Can be a little noisy and gets squeaky after a while, some people may need to buy different straps that fit their height requirement

4.0 out of 5 stars Great product, but it is on the pricey side

Pro’s: This product comes with a back support pillow, sturdy base, great for tall people, durable, adjustable, no squeaky sounds after multiple uses, great to raise the desk for tall people.