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Electric Vehicle (EV) – 5 Reasons To Switch To Electric

With fuel prices spiraling ever higher, and highly unlikely to ever come down you may be looking for alternative transport. An electric vehicle (EV) could be the answer. If you are still unsure, here are 5 reasons to switch to electric.

1. Cheaper:

OK they are currently not cheaper to buy. However they are a lot cheaper to run, and due to increasing demand they are keeping their value longer than a traditional oil burning car. So you will get more money when you come to sell them. If you are a keen DIY fan it is possible to convert an existing vehicle for a fraction of the cost of a new one too.

2. Cleaner:

They are truly a zero emission vehicle. They don’t even have a tailpipe! So you can drive as often as you like guilt free. People do argue that the electricity that you use to charge them isn’t very green in a lot of cases. This will improve however, and if you are really committed to going green a Little Rock lot of power companies offer low carbon electricity tariffs. For truly green motoring, in the future you could be charging your vehicle from your own solar power or wind turbine.

3. Low maintenance:

This type of car is hyper low maintenance. The motor will last much longer than any fossil fuel burning model. They have no coolant or oil system, so no fluids or filter changes to pay for. If you work on one your hands stay clean as there are no oily, and dirty, residues produced.

4. Reliable:

A traditional engine has hundreds of moving parts to fail or wear out. The electrically driven type has two. Even these will wear very slowly as there is no vibration or heat produced. Plus no metal parts move against each other requiring lubrication.

5. Not for everyone:

Even though the range they can travel between charges is increasing as battery technology gets better. These cars are still not suitable for everyone. If you have to drive many hundreds of miles daily an electric vehicle may not suit your needs. However you can still improve your motoring costs by switching to a hybrid vehicle.

I hope these 5 reasons to switch to electric have helped to show you that there is a way to continue to enjoy car ownership. An electric vehicle (EV) will cut your costs, and help you to do your bit to reduce your carbon footprint and save the planet.