Extended the life of electric heater

Electric heater can heat the circulating water before the central air conditioning system, increase the temperature of the water, increase the heating effect and working effect of the air conditioning system, and give you a method of maintenance electric heater. 1, the system should be used to maintain sufficient water to ensure that the electric heating tube is immersed in flow water to avoid dry water and damage the electric heating tube. 2, Working Pressure: portable heater The condition of the working pressure is no more than 1.1 times of the rated value, and the outer casing should be effectively grounded. 3, when there is no use in winter, the remaining water in the cylinder should be exhausted to avoid the lyophilized cylinder. 4, Working Media: Not easy to foul, no corrosion, no impurities, should be cleaned regularly. 5. When blocking the long-term use of electric heaters, the power supply, water source should be turned off, and the water is placed in the body. 6, before use, the water is used to ensure that the water medium is filled with water, and the pressure is not more than the working pressure. The application range of electric heater in daily life is relatively wide, so we need our regular maintenance, thereby reducing the cost of replacement.