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Factors to Consider When Hiring a Translation Agency

Hiring a translation agency can be an excellent way to get your translations done fast and affordably. However, there are several factors to consider before you hire a translation agency. Some of these factors include MLV (Market Language Value) and Quality control. Read on to learn more about each of these factors. Here are some tips for choosing the right translation agent for your project:


As a translator, your job is to translate from one language into another, usually a foreign language. This requires extreme meticulousness and the ability to sacrifice your ego. You must know the source language and its nuances, and be able to convey the exact meaning of a

statement. There is a lot of research involved in this job, and you must be very thorough in your translation. There are many types of translators, from generalists to highly specialized experts.

A literary translator translates from or into the language of the original text, maintaining the tone, style, and content. A medical translator works with confidential information and is required to have high ethical standards. A scientific translator works with complex content, and typically has a background in science. A healthcare translator may be in charge of translations for research and pharmaceutical brochures. A literary translator may also translate medical documents, such as patient consent documents. In this role, you must be highly skilled in both languages and able to maintain the author’s original intent.

Translation agency

A translation agency offers many benefits. This includes greater cost savings and the opportunity to build a more personal relationship with the client. The small, flexible team of experts within a translation agency typically consists of native speakers of both the source and target languages. These specialists are often located in different time zones and can be more responsive to changing business needs. In addition, the translation team at an agency will often be more familiar with your company’s workflow, ensuring a high quality end product.

When choosing a translation agency, look for its credentials and reputation. Look for certifications in ISO17100 and ISO9001. Make sure that the translation agency has been audited and accredited by an independent third party, rather than relying on a self-certified company. A quality agency will also have a proven track record of paying its staff. Make sure you look at the translation agency’s website and the testimonials from past clients.


A multilingual vendor offers a variety of services, including translation, localization, interpretation, testing, staffing, marketing, and more. A typical project may include a dozen different languages and require the translation of technical documentation as well as graphics localization. An MLV is more likely to be able to handle such a project. Some agencies specialize in a certain language or have an in-house team of translators. Others may work with one language only.

If you’re considering hiring an MLV translation agent, you’ll need to understand what they do and how they do it. While many agencies specialize in one language, many try to break into the MLV market. To determine which type of agency to hire, use the following criteria. The best MLV translation agency can handle standardized documents and translations for formalities, people, and other items. However, you may need to select a more specialized agency for more difficultto-translate projects.

Quality control

One of the many benefits of using a translation agent is their quality control capabilities. These services ensure the final product is error-free and conforms to your requirements. For example, quality control ensures that the labelling of a medical device is accurate, the newly translated website is compatible with multiple devices, and the client is satisfied. It also ensures compliance with regulatory requirements. So how do you use a translation agent to meet your quality control requirements?

One of the most crucial aspects of quality control when using a translation agent is ensuring the final product is of the highest possible standard. Every translation agent will have experienced format-related issues while handling the translation file. Some files may contain hidden text or use uncharted formatting. When the translation agent doesn’t take care of these issues, their QC system is lacking. As a result, they may miss important details in the document, causing the customer to be dissatisfied.


When hiring a translation agent, it is important to know what you can expect to pay. While the per-word rate may not be bad, the total cost for a project with complex subject matter can be high. Many translation companies waive these fees for projects with large budgets. Depending on your needs, you may need to hire a project manager to supervise the translation process, as well as a translator with subject matter expertise. Then, there are the administrative costs of the process.

There are many benefits of hiring a translation agency. These services are available for any type of content, from simple text documents to technical and legal documents. However, different kinds of content require different skill sets and specialized techniques. For instance, a government agency or regulated industry may require specialized translators who are certified to handle such sensitive content. The costs of hiring a translation agent vary according to the type of content and the language combination.