How Online Games by Hipe Can Help You Destress

Many people are experiencing stress on a daily basis. According to statistics, 80% of workers in the USA and China report feeling stressed on a regular basis. Half of them even admit to needing stress relief games. Around 75% of adults deal with moderate or high stress at some point in their lives, and nearly one in seven people experience panic disorder. In addition, stress has become one of the top health concerns for US and Australian teens.


Exercise is an excellent way to de-stress and relieve stress. Research has shown that 80% of workers are stressed while managing their daily tasks. In the USA and China, half of workers admit to having times when they needed a break. Studies also show that 75% of adults experience moderate to high levels of stress, and 1 in 75 of people experience panic disorder. Furthermore, stress is one of the top health concerns for Australian and US teenagers.


One of the most obvious ways to reduce stress is to get active. If you want to destress, try picking an activity that you enjoy. Physical activity stimulates your brain while promoting social interaction. However, the risk of physical harm may be counter-productive for some people. Fortunately, video games have been recognized as a legitimate way to relieve stress.

Video games

Games are a great stress relief because they engage your brain and help you build specific skills. These skills help you stay organized, solve problems and manage stress. They can also help you connect with others and build positive feelings. However, it is important to find a game that suits your personality, idn poker since some games may be more stressful than others.

Zen mode

Playing online games that use Zen mode can help you de-stress. These games use fine aural tones, subliminal positive affirmations, and breath modulation to reduce your stress levels. The games are designed to be played for as little as five to ten minutes a day, and the longer you play, the greater the effect on your health and well-being.


If you’re looking to relax and unwind, the classic match-three game Bejeweled may be the perfect de-stresser. It has been around for over a decade and involves swapping virtual “jewels” to make sets of at least three. In some versions, you can play in Zen mode, which slows the pace and adds relaxing music. The game is available for iOS and Android.


According to a study by researchers at the University of Georgia, playing games like Mahjongg can help your mental health. These games challenge your skills and sharpen your mind, as well as keep you socially active. It is also an excellent activity to destress, as the game can reward you with health information.