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How to Compare Lottery Strategies

In order to boost your odds in winning the lottery, there really are only two options you have to consider.

  1. Purchase additional tickets.
  2. Increase your chances of winning.

For instance, if your odds of winning the jackpot are 1:2,000,000, you can increase your chance of winning by 1:100,000 if you place bets on 25. For those who prefer to think with our minds instead of money, we utilize an application for lottery to increase our chances of winning the jackpot prior to spending money on bets.

It is evident that method 2 is the best option as it allows you to expand your budget for lottery while ensuring the same coverage for the various wagers. If, for instance, you increase your odds of winning by 1:100,000 with various methods of analysis for lottery numbers that you can use, then you just need purchase one wager to get the identical chances. If you’re an avid lottery player, buying a quality lottery application is an easy decision. It’s worth it within a few weeks Lottery sambad old.

A smart lottery player attempts to take on all of the potential winning bets as is possible. I refer to this as your Lottery Footprint or LFP. Environmentalists employ a similar word, Carbon Footprint, to define the impact each of us can have in reducing global temperature. But, environmentalists prefer to have a smaller Carbon Footprint and serious lottery players would like a huge Lottery Footprint. The bigger the LFP the higher your odds of winning.

I’ve devised a simple formula for LFP that can be used to evaluate different strategies for lottery. It incorporates both strategies mentioned previously. Below is the calculation.

LFP = tickets that are purchased or number of wagers that could be placed in millions

As we want to limit our expenses We will attempt to make sure that the number as small. We will concentrate on decreasing that size numerator as well as the possible bets. In this article, we’ll employ to play the Massachusetts Cash WinFall lottery, which is 6/46.

Everyone who plays the MA646 lottery will start with a selection of 9,366,819 wagers from which to pick. To calculate the LFP we will be using 9.366819 as the number in our formula. If a player makes a bet:

LFP = 1/9.366819 = 0.107

The most simple way to increase your coverage for this MA646 lottery, and increase our LFP is to buy more bets. For instance, purchasing 25 wagers yields the LFP of 2.67 which indicates how much coverage we have increased.

How can a serious lottery gambler reduce the possibility of wagers? Simple. It’s referred to as a reduced Play List. In contrast to everyone else in Massachusetts who’s playing a 6-out-of- 46 draw, the player is playing a different type of game. Let’s suppose that, through his software for lottery to analyse the lottery, he’s certain that the 38 number won’t be drawn in the following drawing. He is not going to place any bets that contain an ’38’ number.

You’re probably thinking, ‘It’s not a huge issue.’ You’re about to stop reading. BUT, WAIT! It’s a huge deal. The simple act of taking one number from play has eliminated 1,221,759 bets from the table! This is more than one MILLION bets. While everybody else in Massachusetts is playing the lottery 6/46 and our man is playing a game of 6/45. His chances of winning the jackpot is now 1:8,145,060. This is apparent in an increase of 15% on the LFP.

LFP = 25/8.14506 = 3.07

But, how do we stop there. The most serious lottery players who adhere to my strategies for winning, use what I refer to as the rule of 80. They’ll create an Play List that has 36 numbers (80 percent out of the 46). The chances of winning a 6-36 lottery are 1:1947,792, and the LFP will be 12.84. This is a staggering 380% increase in LFP.

LFP = 25/1.947792 = 12.84

The greater the number of numbers we can remove and the higher is the chances of taking out one from the lottery winning numbers. But, we combat this by using strategies for analyzing trends in lottery. Also we do a great job in selecting the right numbers we include in our selection. It’s true that it’s not always successful however, in the long run an experienced player will be much better.

One more thing to consider to consider before sending you off to purchase an excellent lottery software program. I’m wondering how much an average Massachusetts player will have to pay to attain the exact LFP which we at Serious Lottery Player did? We apply the LFP formula reversed.

$ spent = 12.84 x 9.366819 = $120

There are a lot more ways that an Serious Lottery Player can do to boost his LFP even more however I’ll leave them for the next thousand articles.

Good Luck and I’m hoping you win The Big One.