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How To Make Crazy Dazzle Jeans?

Refresh a boring pair of jeans by adding some flower power. Ideal for jeans for kids, hippie women’s jeans, or as an activity for teens You’ll become a fashion-forward person in your cool daisy pants. Simple and simple to create and not a lot of creativity is required.

To make daisy-style jeans, you’ll require…

An old pair of Jeans (cheap jeans are perfect) and a thick bleach, artist paintbrushes as well as thick card bits of fabric (look in the patchwork bin at the local craft store) as well as an apron and thread.

Lay the jeans flat on the table. Take anything out of the area which could cause damage in the event of contact with bleach.Use a thick card to push it up your right leg. This will create a solid foundation and blocks bleach from getting through the fabric beneath.

Along the bottom of the hem and upwards the side of the leg until the knee, make four to eight daisies using the biro. The flowers can come in various sizes. Start using the “O” shape at the middle with six petals, or in the direction of the daisy center. Draw the flower heads only with no leaves or stalks.

When you are satisfied with the design, you can go over the daisies using bleach. Put some bleach on the plate (thick bleach is ideal) and then using a paint brush, paint the bleach across the lines of biro.

It is essential to do this quickly as not only some bristles of the brush melt however, but the bleach is also damaging the fabric of jeans. You really want all the daisies bleached and dyed to an identical shadestretch denim material.

Apply bleach to the areas you think require it.

Once all the daisies are white, place the jeans in the bowl of water. Then rinse them three or four times to wash all the bleach out. Don’t put them in the washer because bleach can destroy the rubber seals of the machine. Allow the jeans to dry.

You can keep the jeans in this fashion or you could make each flower a different color center.

Here’s how you can colorcenterpieces…

Make a sketch of a mug something on the back of a vibrantly colored fabric. Cut it out, and using threads and needles, sew rows of running stitches around the edges of the circle. Make sure to draw the running stitches upwards to ensure they are sewn into. The circle will be flattened and this is the daisy’s center. Make adjustments to the degree of tightness to the “Drawing up” to make the center larger or smaller, depending on the particular daisy. Then, sew or wondered the center of the daisy onto the jeans. Make use of invisible stitching, or you could use a hemming stitch.

Do you want to be adventurous?

Consider covering your jeans with daisies in both in the front and back. You can also cover the seat of your jeans. The design options for funky designs are limitless.