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Learn About Luke in 2022

Many believe that it is now represented by the ruins of Kerazeh in Galilee. Bethsaida and Capernaum are located at the northern end of the Sea of ​​Galilee. Because Jesus served so well in this area, he pointed out that if the people of Tire and Sidon were exposed to so many teachings, they would repent. Tire and Sidon were once destroyed by Alexander the Great.
They gained power over demons (verses 17-18). which means that it was nothing new or miraculous to him that the demons would be cast out of man and in a state of submission; because before his incarnation he existed as the eternal Son of God, he watched him and his angels falling from heaven from their original state, their abode of joy and glory, to hell, to their sin and rebellion, such as speed, speed. and unity, like lightning falling from heaven to earth; and when he sent these disciples, when they began their work, and in all this, he saw that, by their divine knowledge, the powers of darkness were falling before their ministry and miracles; and also foresaw how Satan would then more clearly succumb to the preaching of his gospel through his apostles not only in Judea but especially among the Gentiles. where he, prince of this world, will be rejected. his throne and his kingdom; so what they were saying, because it was what he knew before, was small compared to what he had seen about himself before and what he had already seen happened; and he himself will give them the power to work other miracles besides this.Satan and his kingdom fell for preaching the gospel. “I saw what it was,” says Christ, “when you came to earth, the devil was lost on earth.” “He fell like lightning from the sky, suddenly, he never recovered.” to see that everyone can know, and to say, “See how the kingdom of Satan will tremble and fall.” 6:12.

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He foresaw that it was now just a wish that would soon be fulfilled and that it had begun – the destruction of Satan’s kingdom in the world by removing idolatry and turning nations to faith in Christ. Satan fell from heaven when he fell from the throne into the hearts of men, God. 26:18. And Christ foretold that the preaching of the gospel, which would fly the whole world like lightning, wherever it went, would destroy Satan’s kingdom.

Now the prince of this world is out. Some understand it differently as they look back on the fall of angels and suggest the protection of these disciples so that their success may make them proud: “I have seen angels. They have become demons for pride.” it is a sin, because where Satan was thrown down from heaven, where he was once an angel of light, I saw it and gave you a message so that you who are exalted by pride would not fall into the hands of a devil who has fallen proudly, ” 1 Tim 3: 6
We have gained all our victories over Satan by the power that comes from Jesus Christ, and he deserves all the praise.

But let us beware of the spiritual pride that has become a disaster for many. Our Lord rejoices in the hope of salvation for many souls. It is appropriate that special attention be paid to this hour of joy; some are because he is a man of pain: in those hours he saw Satan fall and heard of the good success of his servants, in those hours he rejoiced. He always resisted pride and gave mercy to the humble. The more we believe in the teachings, help, and blessings of the Son of God, the more we will learn to the Father and the Son; we are happier when we see glory and hear the words of God the Savior; and we will be even more useful in preventing his case. (Matth highlight here is the language used to describe this situation. This is one of the most disrespectful subjects in the Bible. This is important because if you don’t understand what the author is saying, explaining and explaining, you can follow the lead and repeat.