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Plus Size Panty Guide and Different Styles of Ladies Underwear

The truth about Granny Panties is that woman love them and men hate them. It is no surprise that thong underwear was invented by a man who selfishly plotted against women to be uncomfortable and miserable. I would live to see a man wear a piece of fabric between his cheeks all day and see how long that lasts. Read below to find out the truth about Granny Panties.

#1: There is nothing wrong with Granny Panties. Its alright cueca boxer for men to wear this type of panties right? When you think about it, men grow up wearing Granny Panties aka Tighty Whities. Most boys wear growing up wear tighty whities until they transition into the next phase of under garments, boxers.

#2: They are comfortable. See, when men transitioned from tighty whities to boxers, it was likely a comfort issue, right? You needed to let your stuff “breathe.” But transversely, when little girls “grow up” and mature into the next stage of undergarments, our comfort is thrown out of the window–and for what? So that boys don’t tease us about our panty lines?

#3: Not all Granny Panties are created Equal. Men tend to categorize anything that is not a thong into the Granny Panty category. This simply is not fair or true. The undergarment industry actually has done a great job providing women with a wide range of options which can be just as sexy as a thong. Even Victoria Secret has jumped on the Granny Panty bandwagon and has a new line of its very own of panties, which I have to say are pretty sexy.

The expectation that society has placed on women (and that realistically, women have placed on themselves) have a duty to at all times keep their cheeks exposed is ridiculous. We are expected to be panty-line free at work, at play, and while we sleep? Women should embrace the Granny Panty.