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Steel structure design – steel structure frame design

Project Name: Beidaihe X International Health Center Administrative Office Project – Steel Structure Framework Project

Construction Unit: Qinhuangdao X Development Co., Ltd.

Project Location : Inner Mongolia Kerqin

Scope range: 19.5 meters, there is a middle column, width 9.8 meters six-layer steel structural frame structure

Building area: 8520 flat building area, single floor building area 1420 flat

Design unit: Yi Xin Steel Structure Curtain Wall Design Room

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The project is the Beidaihe X International Custom Steel Fabrication Health Center Administrative Office Project – six-layer steel structural framework project, length 73.2 meters, width of 19.4 meters, one middle column, single-span interval width of 9.6 meters, 4 meters high, 24 meters high The roof uses the Shuangpo people’s word steel frame, the pillar is used in the hinges, the beam column uses the rigid link, the main beam and the secondary beam use the articulated link, the post distance is 8.4 meters, and the 檩 檩 简 简 简 连接 连接, maintenance structure The double color steel plate is 3mm thick fire rock wool, and the roof is used in the middle of the double color steel plate. The wall is thick and anti-rock wool, the partition wall is powered by a light steel keel stone block.

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