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The Benefits – Why Should I Choose an Evaporative Air Cooler?

The substantial energy savings alone make evaporative cooling a better choice compared to refrigerated cooling which uses a tremendous amount of energy. The low maintenance of swamp coolers and the filtered air are great bonuses. Another benefit of evaporative coolers is the low cost of installation, which is half the cost of installing a central air unit.

People with health benefits can also benefit from using an evaporative cooler, such as the Symphony Winter Air Cooler, which provides a constant supply of filtered, fresh air, unlike most air conditioning units, which recirculate the same air.

When choosing a swamp cooler, it is important to note the unit’s air moving capacity, as well as installation and maintenance requirements. Some swamp coolers may require more Arctos Portable Air Cooler maintenance than portable air conditioners such as replenishing the water supply, draining the unit, and cleaning the cooling pads. At any rate, the most important benefit of an evaporative cooler is that it can efficiently cool an area, using only a third of the amount of electricity of conventional air conditioners. Overall, evaporative cooling provides significant savings in com