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The Spiciness of Nigerian Food and a Favorite Egusi Stew Recipe of Western Africa



Meat – according to your price range or in case you decide upon Chicken or Turkey
1 cup of shelled Egusi seeds
1 medium sized dry fish.
1 medium sized smoked fish (catfish or any appropriate range)
1 medium sized stockfish
1 big onion
6 Red Peppers (chili) – blended.
Three Large purple pepper – combined
1 cup of Crayfish – mixed
2 soup spoonful of Goya brand olive oil.
2 Maggi
1 bunch of Ugu
Bitterleaf (washed and bitterness absolutely squeezed out).


All kitchen disinfection, cleansing and African food delivery training of ingredients earlier than cooking is duly discovered. Roast Egusi seeds on a tray in an oven for approximately 20 mins (this helps to reduce the oily impact) and permit to chill and mix with the Rhodo, tatashe and a bit little bit of onion.

Heat the olive oil in a smooth pot and upload a cube of magi and a pinch of salt, stir to mix up and add the combined pepper combination. Fry for some time and set apart.

In every other clean pot put the washed meat, inventory fish, magi and salt and a little little bit of the onion, boil till meat is a touch gentle.

Heat up the fried pepper again, upload Egusi and retain frying for approximately three minutes to combine and mix.

Add the wiped clean smoked fish and crayfish and cook dinner for approximately three mins, then add the meat stock and stir very well to mixture (some people might remove the meat from the meat stock and upload it to the soup when it’s miles nearly prepared but I prefer to cook dinner the whole lot together so I cook simplest for a few mins or while a bit smooth and use the beef and stock throughout the relaxation of my training together). Add the washed bitterleaf and cook for some mins.

Add the shredded ugu leaves and simmer for about 1 min and eliminate from heat. Can be served with low calorie tuber dish like amala and pounded yam.

Nigerian tuber food dishes are made with the aid of boiling the tuber meals variety – Yam, Cassava, Cocoyam, Plantain or rice in water for a specific time period after which pounding in a wooden mortar and pounded with a wooden pestle. Let me display you how to make this tuber dishes of ours that stand out anywhere. It may be eaten with a diffusion of soups and stews.