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What is the Truth That You Bear Witness to Through Your Faith

Ministries — Redeemer Anglican Church

Christian Bible Study: Let this Mind be in You, which changed into additionally in Christ Jesus, who being within the form of God, notion it no longer theft to be same with God. [Philippians 2:5-6].

The thoughts this Christian bible verse is referring to is the Christ Mind – or the Christ Consciousness. You will see on this bible verse that the word “Christ” is located before Jesus to suggest Jesus’ attainment or stage of cognizance. Jesus had attained Full Christ Consciousness.

So what’s Christ Consciousness or the Christ Mind – that  jesus gospel of love became in Jesus and may be inside you and me? The Christ Mind is the Son of God. It is the firstborn of God the Creator. Before God the Creator created any little kids – or offspring of Himself – He created a mind or state of awareness to make certain all His offspring could come back together into “oneness” with Him and with every different.

It can be tough even for any conservative Christian to argue with the fact that we’re all – each soul that exists – part of God. The “consciousness” or “mind” of every soul is a part of the identical attention of God.

Its stands to cause that if God has separated Himself into many distinct elements (souls) – into many specific sons and daughters on Earth – that He could need to create a nation of thoughts or focus that might assist all His little children “take into account” Who They Are – so they might sooner or later “come returned into oneness” with Him.

The Christ Consciousness is consequently the Oneness Consciousness. It is a nation of mind wherein you spot each different part of God – each different son and daughter of God – as an equal a part of God. It is a country of mind or awareness where you do now not increase your self above every other part of God and sense “advanced”, and is a state of mind where you do not feel less than or “inferior” to some other part of God.

The Christ Consciousness is a nation of thoughts in which you experience identical to God, due to the fact you recognise you are “part of God”. You do now not see this as theft, for you haven’t taken something from God, due to the fact you recognise You Are God. God has the notable electricity and capability to “separate His focus” into many specific elements (little kids), so He can experience Himself thru Our (His) focus as a separate form.

Why else might God create sons and daughter, if now not to experience Himself through us? So consequently it’s miles logical He might need to create a protection mechanism – a state of thoughts – for every part of Him to use this Christ mind for you to come back into oneness with Him.

The Fall of Man came while maximum souls on Earth believed they were Not of God. They believed the serpents lie that we’re “much less than God” and therefore “are not God”. The serpents’ apple represents the Anti-christ cognizance, that’s the “separation” awareness, in which you trust “your” thoughts is separate to God’s thoughts and you select to go your personal way. This is why most people on Earth, together with most Christians discover it sacrilegious while any individual announces We Are All Gods, for they virtually accept as true with they are not God. Yet is it no longer sacrilegious to refute the Bible’s very own quote: “Let this thoughts be in you, which changed into also in Christ Jesus, who being within the form of God, idea it no longer theft to be equal with God”?

Is it no longer sacrilegious to refute Jesus’ own telling of his story in the Bible in which he instructed the Scribes and Pharisees (the religious people of the time) – Ye Are All Gods! The spiritual folks of the time rejected and condemned Jesus for making this declaration. Every soul on Earth is either a part of God and consequently God, or they may be now not – and there are NO exceptions.

God did now not say: “I will separate My recognition into many exceptional elements (little kids), and most effective receive certain elements of Me lower back who Prove Their Worth To Me”. God isn’t always a narcissist like so many people on Earth who needs people to prove their well worth to Him. God’s elements of Himself are ALL worthy. God sees the proper worth of all parts of Himself. He created the Christ mind to help all parts of Himself see Their Own True Worth and the truth They Are Him.

Most Christians visit church, but they never dare “Let this thoughts be in them that was additionally in Christ Jesus”. They worry they will be rejected from their Human Church if they dare compare themselves to God and put themselves on the identical degree as God. They worry they will be ostracized, and the sad truth is, in lots of churches if you were to proclaim You and God are the One Being, you WOULD be ostracized!