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Where to Look for Top Rated SEO Companies

It’s a smart idea to work with top rated search engine optimization (SEO) companies. They know the industry’s secrets. They also worked with different businesses before. With their help, small business owners can do well. The problem is there are too many options available. They all seem great at first glance. Trimming the options down could be challenging. Here are the best places to look for quality SEO companies to partner with. 

Social media

Utilize social media platforms. Ask around and look for recommendations. If the company has thousands of followers on every platform, there will be dozens of recommendations. Not all of them are worth pursuing, but it’s great place to start. 

It also helps to join social media pages. Some of them are for businesses in the same industry. Asking questions from these pages will generate good leads. The information will also come from companies with experience working with an SEO agency before. 


Another excellent place to look for the right SEO partner is a forum. It’s where people meet to exchange ideas. It’s also a platform where SEO consultants and agencies leave information to advertise what they offer. If there aren’t any details available yet, start a thread. Ask specific questions, and there will be genuine responses from the members of the community. The best part is these forums are for specific topics or categories. The people joining them are industry experts or have a massive interest in the field. Either way, they can extend help. 

Review sites

Websites like Yelp provide reviews and ratings. It’s where people are free to share their thoughts about the products and services received. Yelp also verifies the reviews and flags fallacious reviews. Therefore, the information found on these websites is reliable. Still, it requires a grain of salt. Reviews are subjective, and it depends on how people viewed what they got. Read several reviews to have a more balanced view of the SEO agencies. 

Google searches

SEO agencies should prove themselves by having their own SEO strategies. If they did well in boosting their website, they could do the same for other companies. Type “SEO agency” in Google and add the city name. The top options appearing on the first page are quality choices. These companies managed to rank high in Google, and it reveals their excellence in the field. Include Google My Business when searching for options. The top companies that appear on the directory are worth partnering with. They also succeeded in using this platform to reach out to the target audiences. 

Visit the SEO agency office

It might not be a popular strategy, but visiting the SEO agency can be a good thing. While everything happens online, there’s a physical office that potential clients can visit. In doing so, it’s easier to know how the company operates. It also reveals how efficient the employees are. If the SEO agency can manage the daily operations well, it’s a good sign. This visit can also determine if there’s excellent chemistry between the agency and the company. Ask the representatives a few questions related to the services offered. It also reveals how much they know about SEO. If the visit went well, the agency could be on the shortlist of potential partners. However, if there were issues during the visit, it might be time to look for a different option. If there are issues right from the start, there could be more problems along the way. It’s better to work with an agency that can guarantee a good working relationship.

Call the top choices

After creating the shortlist, the next step is to call the agencies. Confirm the information found on the website. Ask specific questions about SEO trends. If the responses were satisfactory, the partnership could move forward. Inform the agency about the company goals. Listen to what they have to say about these goals and the path forward. Avoid agencies that offer abstract or vague responses. It shows how little they know about SEO and the trends to help the business become more popular.

Choose the best SEO companies 

There might be several choices for their service, but not all of them are worth the partnership. Spend enough time to compare the options. Don’t decide based on the cost of the services alone. Some companies might ask a lot, but they can guarantee results. Others might be too cheap, but it would be a mistake to work with them. Look into the packages and decide if the price is reasonable enough. 

This strategy applies not only to SEO agencies but to other outsourced companies too. Never settle for anything less. The company will pay the right amount for these partners, and it only deserves the best. SEO is crucial to the company’s success. Not having the best partner might derail the entire SEO effort.